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Ceiling Fans Don’t Have to be Drab

Ceiling fans are excellent additions to any home. Both indoor and outdoor fans help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter — and lighting ceiling fans provide illumination year-round. But ceiling fans aren’t just utilitarian, they can also serve as decorative pieces, sometimes as the focal point in a room.

Our design team can help you find the perfect ceiling fan that will not only be practical, but aesthetically pleasing, too. Our staff is highly experienced and will guide you through our huge warehouse to help you find the perfect, fun yet functional ceiling fan.

Use the following tips from our team to determine what kind of ceiling fan will be best for your comfort and style:

Think About Numbers

And we don’t just mean cost! With many ceiling fan models available, the number of blades you choose is more about looks rather than practicality. There isn’t a right or wrong amount when it comes to the number of blades on a ceiling fan, so consider the style of the room when making your selection.

Consider Placement

Outdoor ceiling fans can be a wonderful addition to alfresco spaces; just keep in mind that outside areas — such as porches and pergolas — require ceiling fans that are rated for wet conditions. These products are also ideal for bathrooms, carports, or other areas of the home that may be exposed to moisture.

Know Your Options

If you have yet to experience the showroom at Grand Rapids Lighting, you may not know ceiling fan types are virtually limitless. Whether you want carved wooden panels for a sleek look, or a Wi-Fi enabled lighting ceiling fan for remote control, we offer a huge selection that’s sure to make your ceiling fan hunt a happy one.

We are proud to offer a large selection of ceiling fans and we offer 100% customer satisfaction Because we have the largest warehouse of lighting (and fan!) accessories, you can be sure you’ll find what you want in stock. Reach out to our team to learn about ceiling fan options for your home.

Choosing the Best Decorative Lighting for Your Home

Lighting is functional, but it’s also an essential part of your home’s overall aesthetic. It sets the mood, helps define spaces, and is often the overlooked element that takes your design to the next level.

Fortunately, Grand Rapids Lighting, the largest lighting showroom in West Michigan, offers expert guidance by way of its highly experienced staff. From sconces and chandeliers to table lamps and outdoor lighting, the Grand Rapids showroom selection includes lighting products to fit every style and budget.

Here are three main factors to consider before you meet with our team for a design consultation:

Determine Your Style

Is it midcentury modern, coastal, or farmhouse chic? Knowing your home’s overall look or desired aesthetic will help determine what type of decorative lighting you need. Not sure where to start? Take to Pinterest to discover which style resonates most with you.

Decide What Lighting You Need

Decorative lighting, or accent lighting, is like jewelry for your home. Its sole purpose can be to embellish a room, or like picture lights and track lighting, it can help to highlight a special focal point.

Learn About Layouts

Deciding where and how to place your decorative lighting sources varies from room to room. In your living room, place floor lamps in dark corners and table lamps on buffets or other huge furniture pieces. Putting hanging pendants or chandeliers above the kitchen island or dining table is an ideal way to accentuate what’s already in the space.

For decorative lighting in the bedroom, we recommend table lamps on nightstands and dressers. Finally, in the often-overlooked bathroom space an overhead light source above the tub can enhance what would otherwise be an average-looking space.

The expert staff at Grand Rapids Lighting is happy to offer free design consultations and help guide customers through its huge warehouse. We offer 100% customer satisfaction, so you can always be sure you’ll find what you want in stock. Give us a call or stop in to get started on enhancing your home with lighting.

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